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Can a credit union re-open an account after it has been closed without notifying you?

Reno, NV |

My wife closed her account at her credit union then a few days later they re-opened it and let some transactions go through and charged her overdraft fees. Around the same time I closed my account at a wells fargo and they blocked all transactions after that When we asked the credit union why they didn't do that they said they couldn't. All they could do is a stop payment which would cost 35 dollars per stop payment. We are willing to pay that first overdraft and the charge that re-opened the account but not all the rest which totaled approximately 500 dollars. We just don't have 500 bucks to throw away because a credit union wants to use dirty tricks to charge more fees.

They were automatic transactions. We are trying to consolidate our debt and we were advised to close our accounts. I don't know if those are considered the same as checks or not but we rarely use checks for anything.

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What were the "some transactions" that the credit union "let" go through?

If these were outstanding checks, closing the account doesn't change your obligations to the credit union. Nevada's bad check law makes a crime of closing an account in this way under most circumstances.

If you wrote checks after the account closed, you have an even larger criminal problem.

On the other hand, if these were "stale" checks, you may have something to work with.

As it stands, though, there isn't enough here to answer your question.

I would close your browser and run to a criminal defense attorney's office for a paid consultation at this point.


I changed your question's area to criminal defense, because that is your primary problem here. You need to take stock of every check you might have written that was not covered by the funds in the account. If you bounce a check for nonsufficient funds, or the account was closed in the State of Nevada, you can be charged with a felony.

If you think there are any outstanding checks that could bounce, you need legal help right away. Your debt to the credit union is the lesser of your concerns. You can always open another account later. Figure out the criminal end of this first.

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