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Can a couple that has been living together for 9 years but is not married file a joint tax return in the state of california

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I have lived with my boyfriend for 9 years with my two children, his two children and one child we have together but we are not married, can we file joint taxes in the state of california

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  1. No. CA doesn't recognize "common law" marriages based on living together, or having kids together, or thinking of yourselves as married and holding yourselves out as married. Either you've gotten a marriage license and had it filed, or you're not marriied under CA law for any purpose, including tax status.

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  2. If the entire nine years has been in California, no, you cannot. Yo cannot create a "common-law marriage" in California, no matter how long you live together.

  3. No, you can only file a joint tax return if you are married. You are not married and California does not recognize common law marriages.

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