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Can a convicted felon for Domestic Violence post pictures of his victim after he beat her on a public web forum legally?

Hanford, CA |
Filed under: Domestic violence

Somehow, my former abuser obtained pictures of me after the last time he beat my face in. He took it upon himself to create a facebook page to post these pictures to mock them and take glory in what he's done. I contacted parole... they are dragging their feet (for 2 months now) to get him on a parole violation, but something does NOT seem right here. Is this legal? Is this a type of crime? What a police officer told me was, "It's his first amendment right to freedom of speech and expression." I'm sorry, but what about MY rights? I was told the only recourse I have is to civily sue him, but he's a poor excuse with nothing... so what would I gain? I'm just baffled. Help. Please. I feel violated and, to me, the "protective entities" just blow me off out of pure laziness.

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You could probably get a further restraining order against him, since what he's doing sounds like deliberate harassment. Also, you might try contacting Facebook directly.

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