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Can a contractor obtain an LLC since 2003?

Long Beach, CA |

SB 392 passed in 2011, prior to that the CSLB did not issue licenses to LLCs. The contractor I am currently working with had a LLC since 2003. Is something fishy going on?

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  1. Possibly. I would check the CSLB website. You can access license information using either the license number or the contractor's name.

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  2. More information is needed. As suggested, you should check with the CSLB about the status and history of the license at issue.

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  3. Some more information is needed to fully answer your question. Keep in mind that the formation of the LLC could have occurred several years ago but that doesn't mean the contractor was using it in a construction business. A licensee can be the RMO for more than one company at a time. Perhaps the contractor was using the LLC as a development company, holding it for awhile, or was using it to perform construction work in other states which alread allowed LLC's to perform construction. The only issue I would be concerned with is the quality of the work and the status of the license (i.e. is the LLC licensed). Check the CSLB's website, look up the license number or company name and then look at the personnel...check to see if the officers listed have held other licenses and had any disciplinary action taken against them.

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