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Can a college hold my transcripts even though the loan is in deferment and i'm attending college somewhere else?

Havelock, NC |

I attended college in Tampa Florida, the college did my FASFA. I had to have my parent there to sign because i was 17. While attending college. The financial aid guy told me i could attend another class because my fasfa didn't pay for the class. I sat through 7 classes and passed them, without them letting me know a class wasn't paid for. a year later i got my loan deferred and starting college at a different location, and when they sent a request form to receive my other credits, the other college denied it. I called the school and they said unless i pay them $5000 in cash to the school they would not release my transcripts. Is that legal even though the majority of the classes are on my loan and tagged on to my new one? If i have to pay for the classes why cant i have those credits?

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If you owe loans, that typically does not stop a transcript. Owing the school money directly does give them the right to withhold the transcript. Speak to an education specialty lawyer in your area.



even if i didn't know i owed the school money because they never let me know the class wasn't being paid for before i started it?

Kenneth Love Jr.

Kenneth Love Jr.


Unfortunately, the law places a bit of responsibility on the student to track what is and is not being there will be a proof issue- unless you have it in writing anything said to you orally will be your word against theirs. Again, you need to speak to an education lawyer who can give you practical advice after reviewing the documents and education record.


You need to check their policy. If there is nothing stated about withholding transcript for non payment they probably can't do thst.

I'd write them demanding your transcript. If they refuse threaten suit. You'll probably get them.

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