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Can a collection agency try to collect from two different people for the same account

Melbourne, FL |

Medical bill was sent to collections for my daughter. Both her father and I who are not married have the same debt on our individual credit reports. Can they legally do this?

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  1. It is ABSOLUTELY possible to seek collection from 2, 3, or 10 people at the same time if they are all legally responsible for the debt.

    Assuming both adult parents of a minor are legally responsible for the minor's medical bills, then yes, they can do that.

    Good luck.

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  2. They can try to collect from as many responsible parties as they can find. You may not have the same liability if one of you signed paperwork at the medical provider and the other did not.

  3. If two people are liable for the account, then absolutely. Example: two people co-sign on a loan and they default. Co-signer has taken on liability by co-signing. They may go after either person.

  4. Let me make it clear that my colleagues are not saying that the same debt can be collected in full from each of the persons liable for the debt, only that the creditor can collect money from each person that is liable until it receives the full amount owed. It does not have to limit itself to an equal share, so if 3 people are liable for a debt, the creditor can properly obtain 70% of the debt from one, 20% from another and 10% from the third. Or 100% from one and none from the others.

    In Florida, parents are responsible for their children's necessities, which medical services certainly are, regardless of whether the parent signed an agreement with the health care provider.

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