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Can a collection agency suspend the driver license of an at fault excluded driver?

Loganville, GA |

My husband drove my brother's car and forgot that he was excluded on his policy. He was at fault in a tiny fender bender that left a hairline scratch on the other's guy's car.He wanted to pay for the repair, but the driver did not want to negotiate, police came , but my husband did not received a ticket . Well State F the other guy's ins co paid $1800 for a tiny scratch on a Chevy. A brand new bumper with painting and all should not be more than $500.Now my brother was out of the country at the time got the bill from a collection agency , with the threat to suspend his license .He already called to let them now it was my husband that drove it. How can we dispute this ridiculous amount for the repair? Can they really suspend my husband's GA license? or you just get bad credit?

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  1. The collection agency itself has not authority to suspend driver's privileges. The state agency for driver's services is the only agency that can suspend your driver's license.

  2. State Farm will probably sue in court and obtain a judgment . At that time, they notify the state DMV and license suspension occurs.

  3. Georgia law may operate a bit differently than the laws of other states. If you cannot be financialy responsible for a loss you caused there is a mechanism for suspension of your license - but that issue is not the decision of a debt collection company. Take the matter to a Georgia lawyer. Ask about the financial responsibility suspension issue and whether the letter from the debt collection agency violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well.

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  4. If they have a civil judgment against him they can request that DDS suspend his license until he pays.

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