Can a code enforcement officer legally issue a summons/ticket?

I thought that only a peace officer could issue tickets. As far as I know, the code enforcer isn't a peace officer. Just someone who works for the city. How does that work? Why can he issue a summons? How can he legally fine someone? It's not a moving violation or parking violation ticket. It's for "ordinances that weren't followed" on my property. I can see where people would think he can issue you tickets, but really, if he's not a peace officer, can he? To anyone who responds: please show supporting evidence. An actual statute or statute number would be good. Thanks.

Pryor, OK -

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John Hunsucker

John Hunsucker

DUI / DWI Attorney - Oklahoma City, OK

Go to the Pryor City Hall and ask for a copy of the city ordinances. The power to issue the citation would be vested there. However, a citzen can make an arrest for a crime by making a verfied complaint so the the code enforcement officer has this as a fall back. See Oklahoma Statute Title 11 Section 27-115

Alan James Brinkmeier

Alan James Brinkmeier

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Chicago, IL

Call the Pryor OK administrator. That office will provide you with the enabing statute and local ordinance that you as a property owner must comply with.

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