Can a city or town go into your personnal bank account and levy taxes owed for car tax . I thought only the IRS was allowed to d

Asked almost 3 years ago - Naugatuck, CT

I do owe them taxes for my car but they went into my account and took it out

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    Answered . The IRS is not the only taxing authority that can do this as you now know.

    Hope this helps.

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    Answered . More and more states are catching on to the levy game. This sounds like a pure CT State / County mechanism.

    Find out the particulars and write local articles.

    Talk to your bank and ask them if there is a safer account available.

    Talk to other banks in other cities and states and find out their policy.

    You must be angry about this and if you publicize it, it may lead to a changing of the law.

    This is your country / state / town. Take action. Talk to your legislators about changing the law. Spearhead a referendum.

    When you overwithhold to the point that you get a refund that is more than $5, the taxpayer is hurting himself. This money simply represents a

    loan of taxpayer money to the government for which the taxpayer is not compensated with any interest. Even worse, the tax refund can be taken.

    What needs to be done is to adjust your withholding to a rate that will project to little or almost no tax withholding on income taxes. Wouldn't the

    money be better used when it was earned rather than leaving it on a table for others to take?

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    Please remember to designate your question's BEST ANSWER.

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    Answered . Any judgment creditor - and that usually includes a state or a local municipality with a properly recorded tax debt against you - can seek to execute on the judgment by levying on your personal property, including your bank accounts. In short, the IRS is not the only government agency that can levy on your bank accounts.

    Based on the scant facts you've provided there is no earthly way for anyone on this forum to say whether or not what was done was done according to law or not. If you want an answer to that you should consult with competent local counsel (either an attorney or an accountant with experience in this particular area). You should most definitely not rely on any answer you get for free online from a forum such as this without consulting with local counsel.

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