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Can a child support place a lien on your house and take it from you?

Henderson, NV |

I have child support arrears, not due to non-payment, rather to the fact that the mother of our child and myself agreed to an amount. She later decided to take me to court and the judge imposed a higher payment than we had agreed to, and made it retroactive. I pay every month and never miss payments.

Okay, here is where I need the legal advice. My current wife's parents are giving us a home as a gift, that we have to put under our names. I would like to know if child support can place a lien on the house, and if so, does that mean they take it away and sell it, or the lien is in place just in case I sell they get the money?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If your child support arrears are reduced to judgment, then that judgment will be recorded with the Clark County Recorder and will be a lien against your house.

    You would need to have a very substantial amount of equity in order for a creditor to be able to force a sale of your house. More likely, when you sell the house, the lien will need to be paid off before any money will be dispursed to you.