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Can a check be used twice within a month by same company for the exact same amount when I didn't authorize using same?

Lewisburg, TN |

A company used a check number provided in March 20ll & April 2011 with the exact same charge. I will be contacting my bank as soon as I can on the next business day. In the meantime, this has caused me to be overdrawn. I suspect my bank will get my account back as it should be. In the meantime, does this company owe me additional money for my stress & aggravation? How can I prevent this company from doing this again to me without any additional charges to be made by me?

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BY now you've probably taken care of this. Generally you don't get any compensation for stress and aggravation for something like this.

If you've authorized a business to automatically deduct charges from your checking account, then cancel that authorization in writing, and keep a record of that cancellation, and close the bank account if you really aren't sure that the charges will stop.

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