Can a bankruptcy protect me against a judgment ? what if the perfect the judgment ?

Asked over 1 year ago - Boca Raton, FL

Can a bankruptcy protect me against a judgment ? what if they get a perfect judgment ? do i have to make sure my bankruptcy is before the judgment so it is protected against if they want to perfect it or can i declare bankruptcy after a perfect judgment ? I am not sure if I'm making sense or using a right terminology . The debtor is in CA , I have moved to Florida trying to save money . Since I'm married from Canada , can it hurt my spouse ? can they go after my spouse if i claim bankruptcy ?

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  1. Jeffrey David Solomon

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    Answered . You can file bankruptcy before or after a judgment. We would have to look at what assets you have to analyze your exemptions from creditors (since you just moved to Florida this can be a complicated issue, but you might not have assets that would be at issue). Your wife is not responsible for your debt(but if you both resided in California and incurred the debt while married in California, it is possible the creditor could sue both of you because California is a "community property " state. We might need to check with an attorney from a community property state.

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  2. William Joseph Kopp Jr.

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    Answered . The BK will take care of your judgement, it's best to file before, but it really isn't crucial. Spouses are fine, meaning they and their credit does not get hurt, but they BK court looks at combined household income. Your BK lawyer will explain that to when ya'll do the means test.

  3. Diane L Gruber


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    Answered . If you file bankruptcy, the debt will be wiped out whether or not there is a judgment. The creditors can't go after your wife for the debt UNLESS she signed the loan application, too. Good luck.

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