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Can a bank use the right of setoff and refuse to release the title of a paid off vehicle?

Columbus, OH |

I have a student loan, a credit card and an auto loan with bank A. I have defaulted on the student loan and the credit card some time ago. I am current on the auto loan and I will pay it off in a couple of months. Can bank A refuse to release the title because of the student loan and the credit card default?

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The answer is, it depends. Without seeing the loan documents in question, it is practically impossible to advise you. I would recommend you use the find lawyer tab above to locate a lawyer in your area. Many lawyers offer free consultations where you can gain a better understanding of your legal rights. One sure way to find out is to pay off the car note and see if they release the collateral. A lot of big banks do crazy things and it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Good Luck

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