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Can a Bad Conduct Discharge from the United States Navy ever be upgraded? Was discharge in may 1999...

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Can a BCD be upgraded

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  1. Can it be? Yes. Is it likely? Depends on many circumstances, but the odds are low. If this was from a General Court-martial, you can apply to the Board for Correction of Naval Records, but they rarely, if ever, upgrade discharges like this. If it was a Special Court-Martial, your odds are better, but not by much. If you can provide a little more detail (nature of court, nature of charges) I can probably give you a better idea.

  2. The Board of Corrections of Naval Records has the ability to upgrade BCDs. Generally, you have only three years from the time of the injustice to get the upgrade considered, but they will consider cases outside that time frame where justice demands it. Check out the link below to the BCNR.

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  3. Yes. Slim odds though. BCD, even slimmer than OTH as you might imagine. Provide a few more facts as Attorney Cassera suggested and you can get a better idea if the odds are slim or none.

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  4. Yes, you can apply to the Naval DRB up to 15 years from the date you received the DD214.
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