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Can a Auto Repair shop sell my car and have me arrested?

Nashville, TN |

The auto shop towed my car back in Jan for clutch work, I asked them to take the time on the work and told them I did not have cash yet, they did the work anyways and on top of it did work i asked them NOT to do! I did not sign any paperwork autherizing work or repair. I was told the work would be about 1200 and now the bill is 3000. I can not pay this, and now he is telling me he will my car and having me arrested for not paying.

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No they cannot have you arrested. I'm not licensed in TN, so I cannot tell you which particular agency to contact. However, your state should have a hotline at the State Attorney General's Office or some other consumer complaint agency. You need to file a complaint with them against the auto shop. In many states, a corporation can suffer legal consequences for threatening criminal prosecution to elicits funds like this.

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