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Can a auto repair shop ask me to pay storage fees and repair costs when i never asked him to go forward with the repairs?

Hendersonville, NC |
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A auto repair shop towed my vehicle to his shop for diagnostics and I told him before hand that if it needed a new tranny that I could not afford to pay for the repair or towing of my vehicle. He said it may not need a new tranny and for ne to allow him to take a look at it. I did and could not afford to have the work done. He said for me to try and get half of the money and he would hold on to the car until i had the balance. i tried and could not come up with half. I tried for five months to come up with the money and couldnt do so. I kept in contact with him and he never said i would have to pay him any storage fees. I decided to pick up the car and he asked i i want to sell it to him for way less then the car was worth. I agreed to sell it to him once I received a replacement title as mine was lost. They was never an exchange of money and never a bill of sale. I decided that it was not in my best interest to sell my vehicle so cheap and went to his shop to pay the towing charges and pick up my car. He said that if I could not have the car unless I paid paid him 30 dollars a day for storage for the past 7 months and take the car not fixed or pay the original estimate and towing charges. He said it i could not come up with the money he would put a lien on it and i would get nothing. I went back and asked him to show me the lien and he would not show it to me. He said now that i would not get the car unless i paid for the repair (which has not been done) ,600.00 storage fees and 75 tow charge. 700.00 more than the original estimate. can he do this when i never agreed to have him do the work or the sale was never executed?

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