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Can a 17 year old seek emancipation in the state of Texas

Del Rio, TX |

At seventeen years of age are u aloud to leave custody of your parents

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Texas law is very interesting regarding 17 yr. olds.

For criminal matters, you are an adult at 17.

For civil matters (such as where you live), you are still a child. Your parents have the right to tell you what to do until the moment you turn 18.

As the clock strikes midnight on yur birthdate, you are magically an adult and you can immediately do whatever you want to do. Of course, they are also free to ask you to move out immediately since you are no longer their legal obligation.

You can become emancipated in Texas. It is difficult. You can read the TX Family Code on-line. They have a section regarding the requirements to become emancipated. Usually only singers and athletes are able to be emancipated in order to sign contracts.

In over 15 years of practicing law, I've never done an emancipation. My fee for emancipation is $5,000. No one has ever had the money to hire me. If you don't have $5,000 to become an adult early, then you probably don't qualify to become emancipated. Also, if your parents don't consent to the emancipation it could take months to get it completed. Most 17 yr olds turn 18 BEFORE the lawsuit could be completed.

Good luck!

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