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Can a 17 year old can move out from huntsville texas and live with his girl friend that lives in San Antonio?

San Antonio, TX |

My bf wants to move out to live with me so he can help out me and my family. He is 17 years old and im 16 years old.

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    He cannot move out without his parents permission unless he is emancipated (the courts say he is no longer a minor). He would need to prove he can support himself on his own, food, board, rent, everything... and it costs money, so it is probably easier just to wait until he hits 18.

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  2. He can move only with the permission of his parents. His parents have the control and say-so about where he lives until he is 18 years old. If he leaves home without their permission before age 18, he can be reported as a runaway and picked up and returned home. If your family provides him with housing knowing he is a runaway, they can be charged with harboring a runaway.

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