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Can a 15 year old refuse to have visitation with the Non custodial parent ?

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My daughter is 15 and I have had physical custody since she was 4. Her father (the NCP) has a lenghty criminal arrest record, and is currently being indicted for Attempted Burglary. He has a history of drug and alcohol abuse problems, and has been diagnosed with "Mental Health Issues". He has been in and out of jail, and rehabs, mainly to satisfy the courts, but apparently has learned nothing. We are not legally seperated, just do not live together due to all of his problems.
My custody papers state that he is not allowed to be in my daughters presence while under the influence, and he has come to my home on several occasions to visit with her while under the influence, and I refused to allow him to see her.
Can I take all visitation away if my daughter does not want to see him ?

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You can not do it on your own. However you can ask the court to do it, through a petition to modify the parenting plan.

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