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Can a 15 year old pregnant girl change the custody agreement under certain circumstances?

Childress, TX |

I live in taxes . I will be 15 years old in three days . For the past 12 years i have had to live with my dad . When I was little , he tried his best to keep me from being so close with my moms side of the family , as well as her . I have been unhappy living with him for quite sometime now . I have moved to a different town six times . One of those , we were just living in a camper trailer : myself , my brother , and my dad . I am now 9 months pregnant . I do not currently live with my dad , but with his mother in my hometown . I have experienced stress , anxiety , and depression very strongly in the past month and a half since being there . Since telling her how i felt , we don't talk at all . I stay at my maternal grandparents house every weekend . Every week day I get up at 5 : 45 and get picked up to go to their house . My paternal grandfather picks me up at 7 : 50 and takes me to school . He also picks me up from school , and then drops me off at my maternal grandparents house . I stay there until 7 : 30 at night then get taken to my paternal grandparents . My paternal grandmother does not speak to me . I try my best to stay out of her way . I go to my room , and don't come out until the next morning at 5 : 45 . I am beyond miserable being there . I might as well just live alone . My father knows everything , and knows that it is very unhealthy for my baby . He always threatens me that I won't be aloud at my maternal grandparents if I try to go against him . He knows about all of the stress and depression , and hasn't done anything . My father is very unstable as far as moving . I do not think that is an environment for my child to be in . Nor is his mothers house . She has inside animals who use the restroom in the house , and it is not a clean environment for a baby . With all this being said , what chance do I have of being able to decide where I want to live . I only want whats best for my child , and my health . What chance do I have of saying I want to live with my maternal grandparents and it happening , under these circumstances ? Please help me . I am in great need of it .

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WOW - you have your hands full and my heart goes out to you! Be very careful though as you are a minor, and involving the legal system may well result in the loss of your child to foster care based on the state's view of what is best for the baby! However, if you do decide to move forward legally, then you can seek to be emancipated as an adult; which would allow you to make the decisions you are seeking to make. The problem again is if you file for emancipation, child services will become involved; and again you may well lose custody of your baby. If you can agree to have your grandparents and dad work out something directly, that may be the simplest approach, as at 15 you really have much more to deal with than most people your age! I truly wish you the best of luck! As an aside, if you found my direction helpful, and if you feel appropriate; could you be so kind as to designate my answer as the “best” answer to your question?


Who knows what they may allow in California, but the other attorney's answer is misleading on the emancipation issue. Texas does not allow minors to file for emancipation until they are at least 16, and usually you must be 17 before a court will emancipate you. I don't think emancipation is a viable alternative for you right now. As to the rest of that answer, unfortunately there is a possibility that both you and your baby could be taken into CPS custody, and not necessarily together, if the situation is bad enough. It definitely sounds like you need some help, though, and finding someone to talk to about all this might be a good first step. Perhaps either a counselor or teacher at school or someone at the hospital will be able to help you. If not, you might see if there's a crisis pregnancy center near you. I'm concerned that if you're already in as bad an emotional state as it sounds like you are from your posting, giving birth and having to care for your baby under these circumstances may end up being more than you can handle. Please try to find some help.


Ms. Foley has given you very good advice, and PLEASE ignore the other lawyer, who clearly is unaware of Texas law. You are in a terrible situation, and need immediate help. First beg your maternal grandparents to step up for you. Call the White Rose Center 214-821-6292 and the link is provided below. Even though they are in Dallas - I think that they can find you help in Childress. Please try. For yourself and for your baby.

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