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Can a- No contact order- placed by Dcf be appealed or modified?

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My childrens father was falsely accused by his teenage daughter of sexually abusing her. So dcf took custody of her and put a no contact order in place for our other children... Even Though he has not been charged. (Police are still investigating). It has been 9 months my children have not been able to see thier father. Including our newborn that was born shortly after. Please We need to know our rights in a case like this.

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In Florida you can. Where you go depends upon which court issued the no-contact order (eg Dependancy Court, Domestic Violence Court, Family Court) .

You probably have to file your pleading in that Court and appear before the judge. Or you might have to file an appeal before a higher (appeal) court. You must speak to a Connecticut attorney that practices in this field of law.



It wasn't ordered by any court or any judge. It was just an agreement made by Dcf that my children's father & I were forced to sign. So Would that agreement be valid if I move to another state with my children?


The answer depends on a number of factors. It cannot be answered in a vacuum on an online service. You should arrange for a consult with an attorney who specializes in these kinds of issues.



How can I go about finding the right attorney that specializes in these kind of cases?

Joseph S Hubicki

Joseph S Hubicki


My office specializes in these kinds of cases. You can call and arrange for a consultation.

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