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Can a " term of probation " that's signed by me and my probation officer become outdated ?

I have a copy of terms of probation that's signed by me and probation after I had been placed on probation. The money it states I owe says one amount and probation is telling me it's a different amount, my probation officer is stating that it's outdated. How can something be outdated when me and my probation officer signed it ? I never signed and agreed to anything else stating I must pay more then what my original terms of probation states.

Port Richey, FL -

Attorney Answers (3)

Evan Mitchell Kleiman

Evan Mitchell Kleiman

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hollywood, FL

Did you have a restitution hearing after being placed on probation? this might cause the amount you owe to change. Also the cost of supervision in your county may have changed. I would suggest that ask your probation officer what component of what you owe has changed. Once you find that out, I can better answer your question.

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William David Umansky

William David Umansky

Criminal Defense Attorney - Orlando, FL

I agree with my colleague. If the probation officer's answer is not satisfactory, then you might file a motion for clarification. A lawyer can assist you in that regard. It beats a violation of probation for what could be a misunderstanding or a mistake.

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Jonathan Hackworth

Jonathan Hackworth

Criminal Defense Attorney - Tampa, FL

I agree with my colleagues. It is possible this new amount includes costs incurred during probation like costs of supervision. Our office offers free case consultations. Good luck.

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