Called PD for spouse battering me,but one unclear detail of day had him free of charges only to call PD & have me jailed for DV

Asked 2 months ago - Upland, CA

My husband has problem with control issues.The same thing happened 3 years ago when we separated,so he calls PD & has temp. restraining order filed & charges me with DV to later have dropped.Well,this time I finally had it & attempted to leave only to have him beat & even stab me in foot.I tried to leave in my car & accidently hit his SUV cause he was blocking me in intentionally,so he rammed my car almost into home.I finally fled to a motel where he followed & began to leave threatening messages,I called PD they took statement & detained him but during interview I mistakenly said my son was in car when he hit me but didn't know he jumped out before he hit my car.So with that PD dropped case then 2 days later he falsely reports DV on me and im jailed and fighting a case. I don't get it.

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  1. Vijay Dinakar


    Contributor Level 17


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    Answered . You are facing criminal charges as a result of your husband's statements and possibly your own statements to law enforcements. Cease talking about this matter to anyone except a criminal attorney. If you're currently in custody, don't talk about this incident as your jail calls are recorded and frequently become evidence against you. Your claim that your husband has "a problem with control issues" is an extreme understatement, he sounds like a lunatic to be avoided like the plague from hereon. Good luck

  2. Greg Thomas Hill

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    Answered . Wow. Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm not sure what your question is. Good luck.

  3. Randy M. Wagner

    Contributor Level 6


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    Answered . Often times the only information the police have to go by is the statements of the two spouses. You need to cease talking about the details of your case with anyone besides your attorney.

  4. Laurence K Nurmi

    Contributor Level 13


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    Answered . As Mr. Hill stated there doesn't seem to be a question following all these facts. However, if you are being charged with DV, you should make no more public statements about the case and seek to retain counsel.

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