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California employment development department

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After receiving state disability during 2009, non-wage, non-taxable, I went back to work for 9 months. I then filed for UI and got it. But when an extension claim was automatically filed for me, I was denied because my non-wage, non-taxable disability period was transformed into a "zero earnings" period. There is no disclosure of this potential when you file or receive a disability claim, thus turning a benefit into a penalty with no pre-information about this possibility when I applied for and accepted the disability claim. I have to supply accurate info when applying. Does the EDD not have the same responsibility when they send you all the paperwork rules and regulations? how do I go after them for the extension period $

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I think you can not.

Arguably you return the money you receive, then you no longer have a 'zero period', but I have never known anyone to do that. The benefits outweigh the burdens.

This is general legal information, not intended to apply to your specific case. And I may not be licensed to practice in your particular state. Under Federal Law, I am a debt relief agent.

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Missed the point of the question. Not genuinely helpful