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California DUII sentence in Oregon.. consequences with license?

Portland, OR |

I have sort of a unique situation I was hoping you could help me with. Earlier this year I received a DUI in California, but was already in the process of relocating to Oregon.. My California license was suspended but i had already given up my address and am now residing in Oregon. My attorney has told me that it is possible to serve the sentence in Oregon but that I will not be able to get a california license until i take the in-person alcohol class in california.. my question is, If I take the class in Oregon and then a years time goes by will I be able to get a License in Oregon?

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The best person to answer this question is your attorney. "Alcohol class" can mean a lot of different things but my guess is that you will not be able to get an Oregon license until you clear up your California suspension.

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CA will report the suspension to OR. It's likely OR won't consider you for a license if you have a CA suspension. Clear your CA suspension for best chance to get an OR license.

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You should speak with either your original attorney or another attorney who practices in California. It is possible that an Oregon "alcohol class" may meet the California requirements, but they are going to be able to more accurately advise you than an Oregon attorney. Oregon will typically honor license suspensions and other California DMV activity and you will likely need to be in a situation where you could obtain a California license before you can get one in Oregon (other than residency requirements).

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