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California, constitution, shopping mall, security guard, public fora, first amendment, trespass, false arrest, imprisonment

Los Angeles, CA |

I am a street performer in Los Angeles, a constitutionally protected form of expression. The area I work in is adjacent to a large, open-air shopping mall. It is my understanding that I should be allowed to perform on mall property, but mall security has a blanket "ban" on allowing street performers on property. I have disobeyed the security for years, slipping back over the property line if i saw them coming, or when they told me to leave.
Finally, a couple of months ago, they caught me and wouldn't let me leave. They made private person's arrest, i went to jail overnight, fought case until, day of trial, it was dismissed "in the interest of justice".
Mall security continues to threaten arrest should i enter onto their property, despite this failure to convict. What can i do?

Scary. The fist three respondents (with 2 additional lawyers agreeing, so far), all seem blissfully ignorant, and/or any of the other relevant cases, established as Law in California. It's private property. I am NOT trespassing. Wonder why i'm considering proceeding pro per?

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  1. It's private property. You're trespassing. You have no constitutionally protected right to trespass on private property.

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  2. Stay off their property. Are you willing to risk another more jail time and the time for trial to prove your wrong?

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  3. The act is protected expression if the government were trying to silence you--but you can't do it where ever you want--being a street performer doesn't convey a free pass to tresspass on private property.

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