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Cable company charged me incorrectly and hit bad record to my credit history

Plano, TX |

Time Warner Cable Charged my amount incorrectly and Collection Department kept calling for 4 months. They used to say I have to pay some due to TWC. I called TWC again many times, they used to say I don't have any due and they will inform Collection department to not to call me. But it never stopped. After 4 months, One day I saw bad credit record in my credit report and it reduced my credit score. I checked that and it's posted by CREDIT MANAGEMENT LP. If I call them they say, it's reported by TWC. I spoke to many TWC agents and each says different information. I spent almost 5 to 6 hours on this to explain TWC agents and finally found where the error was. It's TWC's error. They told me they will fix it and remove that bad record from Credit history.
Considering all this, I asked them Mi

Considering all this, I asked them Mistake is yours, but I was highly frustrated on this and I had to waste much of time on this. They said they can't do anything for it. Can I file complaint on this and ask for any Compensation?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. The account should be disputed with the credit bureaus, that report incorrect information.
    As a practical matter, unless the you can prove the incorrect information causes financial loss, it is not likely to be worth your future time and money to litigate, but it can be.
    You may report the violation as a consumer complaint, to various protection organizations.
    There is a complaint hotline as a deceptive trade practices to the Texas Attorney General, and to the Texas Utility Commission, and to other consumer protection organizations.
    You may benefit from consulting with an attorney experienced in consumer rights, to organize your course of action.
    Good luck.

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  2. If you have to apply for credit and be given negative treatment typically before you have a cause of action. Try the National Association of Consumer Advocates and see if you can find attorney who could help

  3. This situation sounds like it involves multiple violations of federal and state consumer protection laws. This might be a good candidate for a lawsuit. When consumers prevail in such lawsuits, they are generally entitled to recover actual damages and your attorney's fees. You might consider consulting a local attorney about this.

    This general opinion is for informational / public educational purposes only. It DOES NOT create an attorney-client relationship. No communication can ever replace the specific advice of a lawyer who you have hired to represent you. Each person's situation is different, and additional facts can change legal outcomes. You should consult privately with a lawyer if you have a question about a legal dispute.