CA Separation13yr Marriagew/2 kids filed April still no Support.He filed in CO AFTER service of CA.Is my ATTN notdoingsomething

My ATTN filed for Separation knowing I needed support w/2 kids and disabled in April. Served to him in CO May. Then he filed similiar case in CO to delay support?I have not been served in CO case and have motions to quash in but court wont respond to motions for months now.I am told both states have temp support of about 40% of his wage&he makes94K.I keep asking my attn about support&was told it is a jurisdiction issue.County says my attn needs to handle since I have ATTN. I have no money & need support!Is there any reason I cannot get support?Does support go back to when I filed a Separation?IS MY ATTORNEY DROPPING THE BALL HERE or is there really some sort of jurisdiction issue that needs to be resolved?CA first filed&served should have jurisdiction & able to make decisions?What to do?

Los Angeles, CA -

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Daniel Seth Williams

Daniel Seth Williams

Child Support Lawyer - Pacific Grove, CA

If there a competing filings, your attorney should appear ex-parte and set a judicial conference between the two state judicial officers to determine who has jurisdiction. It is going to rest largely on where the kids have resided the past six months. Then also if you have a support order there should be an income withholding order sent to his employer. Tell your attorney this needs to be done forthwith. If not, there are plenty of good LA attorneys on this site.

Attorney Williams practices FAMILY LAW throughout the State of California and may be reached at (831) 233-3558 and... more
Shawn Michael Haggerty

Shawn Michael Haggerty

Family Law Attorney - Hacienda Heights, CA

Your facts are a little difficult to tie together. Make an appointment with ? ATTN and ask him to file an OSC for support and request wage assignment.

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