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CA penal code 41-27(c)

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I have a 9yr.joint trouble with probation since my release in there a possibility for another chance?

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Your question needs clarification. First, PC section 4127 has to do with support payments. There is no 41-27(c) in the Penal Code. Second, what do you mean by "another chance"? Need further information.

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I'm not entirely clear on your question. Are you saying that you have been on probation since 2009 and have a suspended prison sentence... and are now being accused of something that could trigger that sentence being imposed?

If so, you need a good criminal lawyer fighting for you. If the new charge is something minor, a new attorney may (no guarantee) be able to help you avoid the prison sentence. If it's a technical violation, you stand a better chance of avoiding the sentence, but it really all depends on the facts of your first case, the exact plea terms and what the current accusation is.

There is no such code in the California Penal Code, by the way. If you mean 41-27 of the LA Municipal Code - alcohol in public...

Then it depends on whether they can prove this case against you and what you're on probation for. If your probation included a very strict "no alcohol" clause, you may have a problem. Either way - with 9 years hanging over your head, you need a good lawyer.

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