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Ca i sue a guy if he sexually violated me. its not an employer and i filed a po report. if so

Miami, FL |

how much can i sue for. my claim is non consensual sex by coercion

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  1. Yes, you can sue for assault and battery as well as potentially other causes of action. In California, you do not need to specify how much you are seeking at the time you file your suit. Florida may have similar rules. However, if in fact there was coercive sexual assault there potentially may be substantial damages. Any civil suit you file will be separate from any criminal prosecution initiated by appropriate government prosecutors in your state.

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  2. Yes you can and there is no monetary limit to what you can sue for. I am sorry to hear about your ordeal and hopefully you have notified the police and he is facing criminal charges.
    Good luck,

  3. Criminal and civil liability are the same. You can do both, win both, loose, both or win one and loose the other.

    You have elected to tag and post this question in a criminal law forum, where criminal defense attorneys (folks who traditionally would represent your attacker) offer advise to folks, defendants and victims alike, but you have not asked a criminal law question.

    Instead you are asking a purely civil question which has nothing whatsoever to do with criminal law. I will tag civil litigation for you because you have a purely (100%) civil question and I encourage you to remove the criminal tags (ie assault, sex crime, sexual abuse and sexual assault), allowing us criminal defense practicioners to focus on folks who have criminal law related questions.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. Yes, you can sue him, but I would caution you about posting facts on this forum, or in any online forum.

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