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CA HOA is doing a non-judicial foreclosure on an assessment for HOA dues. Can a lien be placed on the unit owner's vehicle also

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California Homeowners Association (HOA) is doing a non-judicial foreclosure of a lien filed on a unit. Is there anything that would prevent the HOA from placing a lien on the unit owner's vehicle too. Is it a good idea? I read the one-action rule but I thought it only pertained to judicial foreclosures and court judgments so it would not prevent the vehicle being tagged with a lien.

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    No, the foreclosure of the HOA lien cannot include personal property such as a vehicle owned by the delinquent homeowner. (See generally, CA Civil Code sections 1365, 1367.1, 1367.4)

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  2. Under Section 1367(f) of the California Civil Code, HOA assessments are not subject to the one-action rule. This means that the association can pursue a deficiency judgment following a trustee sale.

  3. The lien would attach to the unit, not other property.