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CA DUI - no license - can I travel to Aruba?

Pasadena, CA |

Just got my license taken away and am awaiting blood test results. Can I still travel to Aruba w/ just my passport and will I be able to get in/come back?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Are you a citizen? Either way I supposed you have not been convicted yet of anything, so you don't have a dui that will turn up at the border. Are you out on bond? If so leaving the country may violate your contract with the bail bonds man. I'd ask.

  2. Since you haven't been convicted yet and you have no bond posted and you are a citizen, yes, its likely you can go out of country with impunity. However, just to be safe, you should call your attorney and check.

    Good luck.

  3. As long as no warrant is issued, you should be able to return. You should contact an attorney in your area at

  4. Generally, if you were released on your own recognizance and you are a US citizen, you should have no difficulty traveling. However, some countries, such as Canda, have restrictions on people entering with pending alcohol related events. You can contac the embassy and ask if these restrictions apply to your travel. A passport is the best form of identification for travel these days, so I wounldn't worry about not having your driver's license.

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