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C Today I got arrested for theft by deception my question is what am I looking at for punishment?

Clearfield, PA |

It is my first ever criminal charge I don't have a criminal history I was at a recycling center and I took scrap metal in and I used a pen and put my own number in for extra money I did this more then once 6 times to be exact. I was approached by the police at the recycling center and I voluntarily went to the police station and answered questions I was truthful and explained that I was about to lose my home and I have a newborn that is not an excuse and I made a mistake the estimated amount was around 600-700 that I scammed I guess you could call it. I regret doing this I just did not know what else to do I am currently a disabled veteran and the VA is not helping me I did not know where else to turn. But still not an excuse I know better I never did anything like this before.

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You need the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. If you can't afford private counsel which seems implicit in your statement here, then you need to apply for the services of the public defender at once. With no prior record, your chances of avoiding jail are quite high, but that possibility will be increasingly possible if you are not properly represented. You've done enough on your own.


You need to stop discussing the facts of the case in a public forum and contact an attorney immediately. Your sentence will be based on the PA sentencing guidelines.


You need an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney you should apply to the public defender. In most counties you will be eligible for ARD which is a pretrial probation which offers you an opportunity to earn a dismissal of the charges upon sucessful completion an to have your record expunged.

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