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C-Corporation Accounting Question – Active vs. Passive vs. Portfolio Income/Loss Is there a differentiation between them?

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Consider a Closely-Held C-Corp (NOT classified as PHC/PSC!) The Corp has 3 sources and types of income. Active (Ordinary Operating Business), Passive (E.g. Rental Income) and Portfolio (E.g. Interest from investments such as Loans and Stock). The Corp employs 3 Managers per each business.
How would the accounting of such Corp look like?
Example Say there is $50K gross income from the Active biz, $100K gross income from the Passive, and another $20K income from the Portfolio biz. Assume each manager paid $50K annual salary. Would it be accurate to sum the entire gross income, deduct the salary cost and the Corp pays tax on the AGI? I.e. total gross Income = $50K + $100K + $20K = $170k deduct the managers salaries ($50K x 3 = $150K) and so the total taxable income is: $170K - $150K = $20K?

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  1. This is an inappropriate question for AVVO. First, it is a speculative question with no potential real world answer. Second, your terms are mixed in that you are intermingling coporate tax retuns wtih individual income tax returns by using terms such as "ag.i" Third, you are asking accounting questions that would be better asked of a tax accountant.

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