Business startup accused of breaking copyright

My friend and his friend attempted to launch a consulting firm "A". The partner to "A" was once employeed by company "B". Company "B" gets upset at the content being posted on the website of company "A". Company "B" mails a letter from their $$$ lawyer to company "A" that they have violated Florida's Trade Secret Law, have attempted to steer customers, and have stolen copywrited material. Company "A" has done none of the above. Company "A" would be competing with Company "B" utilizing non-proprietary concepts. Ideas and issues which are practiced widely in this industry. Partner in "A" is the only connection to Company "B". Partner of "A" has not worked for "B" for more than 3 years. What writes does "A" have? And what can "B" do to "A". Company "A" is incorporated in VA

Falls Church, VA -

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Lauren Morgan Ellerman

Lauren Morgan Ellerman

Business Attorney - Roanoke, VA

You actually need a Florida attorney - and I would get one soon.

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