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Hi, I have a problem with Yellow Pages advertising company. They have placed my business ad with 4 mistakes in two words making look it rather like a joke. When we discussed the case with them they recognized mistakes and allowed 50% off for monthly payment, while I was insisting to break contract (made by phone) with them because of harm to my business they made. Now they keep sending me bills with request of 100% payment and threatening to put my case in collection. What can I do with this, and what is my legal right in this case? I appreciate your answer in advance.

Salt Lake City, UT -

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Brigham Joel Ricks

Brigham Joel Ricks

Business Attorney - Chapel Hill, NC

Unfortunately, this is a common problem and the advertising companies do little to correct mistakes or compensate their customers for the harm they cause. I have had clients, including myself, go through this exact same problem. You should not have to pay for defective advertising caused by your advertising company's mistakes.

The most efficient and cost effective way to resolve your dispute is likely the small claims court process. You can find information on the small claims process in Utah at this link: In order to serve the small claims summons and complaint, you will need to learn the name and address for your advertising company's agent for service of process. You can find this information by searching the corporate records for your advertising company at the Utah Department of Commerce website:

Good luck!

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