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Budget cuts in the court system delaying the process of sealing a juvenile record?

Los Angeles, CA |

I had an attorney file a petition to seal my juvenile records last year and it has been roughly 15 months since then. From what I've read about sealing juvenile records, the process generally takes several months. I understand that the court system in Los Angeles is experience tremendous budget cuts but does it really delay the process by this much longer? I've also been told by many attorney's that the chances of sealing my record is very likely due to the given facts of my case. It worries me that the process is taking so long. I tried calling the attorney who filed my petition but he is not able to do anything since it is out of his hands now. If anyone can give me some information/advice regarding my situation, that would be great. Thank you.

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Budget cuts are having a profound impact on our court system, and uncommon delays are now the norm.

You may want to visit the juvenile court yourself and check the status of your petition.

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Any administrative process can take a long time, even without budget cuts. Your juvenile record is supposed to be sealed by the court, even without a petition filed by your attorney. However, hiring an attorney is recommended to make sure that the file is sealed and not forgotten about. I would ask your attorney when the last time he/she followed up wit the court about this. Being a squeaky wheel usually pays off, especially if it is done with kindness and persistence.

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