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Brothers 4th dui , only going to arraignment for the 2nd tomorrow . . . what happens now ?

Effort, PA |

My brother is 25 and w reckless . He has now gotten 4 dui , 3 of which in the last 4 months . He hasn't even been sentenced for the 2nd yet and the 3rd he wasn't found in a car ( can he still be charged ? the truck was on the side of the rd , locked up . . . ) so what is going to happen now ? he has NO lawyer on the 2nd one - can they combined all 3 in 1 ?

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  1. He needs to talk to a lawyer TODAY. From the little bit you have posted it looks like he has some options. If he cannot afford an attorney he should speak with the public defender in your county. He should definitely speak with an attorney in your county before he goes to court tomorrow.

  2. He needs to have an experienced criminal defense represent him on all the cases. If he cannot afford a private attorney he should apply for a public defender. There is much strategy involved here so the soon he has representation the better.

  3. Your brother has been charged with his 4th dwi and he has only been legal to drink for 4 years? He needs an experienced dwi attorney immediately!! This is one of those times that he needs the best lawyer money can buy. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. His liberty is at stake.

  4. This is a very serious matter and if he is convicted of these crimes he is almost certainly going to do a state prison term. You should get him into inpatient treatment or a program and retain a good DWI lawyer.

  5. It is possible to combine the three offenses into one as you say but only if in the same county. Legally if they are in the same county and he is sentenced at the same time they would be three second offenses for sentencing.

    With that said don't assume all three should just be pled to. DUI cases are always complex. Multiple DUI offenses going on at the same time are even more so. If this case isn't handled correctly he could be facing a second, third, and fourth offense for sentencing and depending on his BAC, he could be looking at 90 days plus one year plus one year on the minimums and a max of five years each.

    He better get a good attorney quick and preferably one lawyer to handle all three matters.

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