Brother received a public urination citation. Missed his hearing. citation under Chapter V part J section 1003 subsection 1 A

If we pay the fine will it be over and done with? will it show up on his record?

State College, PA -

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Christopher M. Patterson

Christopher M. Patterson

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Lancaster, PA

Your brother should speak to a criminal defense lawyer in State College (or wherever he got the citation). It sounds as though he was cited under a local ordinance rather than the Crimes Code. Under the PA rules of criminal procedure, if an individual pleads not guilty to a citation and does not attend the scheduled hearing, it is held in his or her absence. Your brother has most likely been found guilty. He does have 30 days from the date of the conviction (hearing he missed) to appeal it. That is why I suggested he contact an attorney. There may be a diversion program he can apply for to earn a dismissal of the charge, or perhaps he has a defense to the charge.
The offense will show up on the PA UJS web portal, but unless he was fingerprinted, it will not appear on the traditional criminal history or rap sheet. The UJS web portal is accessible on the internet.

Robert C. Keller

Robert C. Keller

Criminal Defense Attorney - Havertown, PA

There is a court record side a citation has been filed. It is suggested that he have a criminal defense attorney determine the status of the matter and to receive advise on how to proceed.

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