Breach of verbal agreement to work on a tv show. ( how do i win this case?)

Asked 10 months ago - Arlington, TX

was promised to be a cameraman/possible host on a tv show. agreement was broken, have video proof and witnesses and emails and text messages confirming i was apart of this project. non-disclosure forms were signed. however specific dollar amounts were not fully discussed.
my question how do i prove i was apart and get my position back. ( there is more details but i'll wait to talk to someone 1st).

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  1. Robert Neil Newton


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    Answered . You really should just speak with an attorney. Considering you have more information that seems relevant, it's not real useful for us attorneys to hypothecate without the facts.

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  2. Nancy Loukus Ballast


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    Answered . I would bring the evidence you have - the emails, text messages & video - to an attorney. Courts prefer to interpret a written agreement. What you have might not seem like a typical contract/written agreement, but it might be close enough to show what the terms of the agreement were. That's why I recommend bringing your evidence to an attorney to get more evaluation. Try to find someone who does a free consultation, and is willing to take a case on a contingency basis.

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  3. Pamela Koslyn

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    Answered . I agree with my colleague, oral contracts , even those supported by emails, etc., are tough, because a lack of a formal written contract or even a deal memo tends to mean a lack of contract. Likewise, witnesses that you expect to support your version of the facts tend to get amnesia when asked to participate in litigation that doesn't benefit them.

    You have to find a lawyer who can help you. You'll never successfully litigate a case like this on your own.

    I'm skeptical of your fact pattern because being a cameraman and being a host are 2 very different things and if your contract is too vague for a judge to enforce, then the claim won't prevail.

    See a business litigator for help.

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