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Boyfriend was arrested for a warrant. the charges were burglary and conspiracy the bail was 15000.

Citrus Heights, CA |

Now Sacsheriff says that he is ineligible for bail and under the charges category it is now blank. what is going on? could he be getting transfered or have court even though no court date is established?

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This is difficult to answer without knowing more. Once a person is arrested on a felony, they must be arraigned (told their charges) "without necessary delay" (Cal. Penal Code section 976.) This typically means the person is arraigned within two court days. Now, this time could be effected if the charges stem from a different county or state. The bail itself could change based on (1) the charges alleged; (2) his probation status or (3) if there are any other types of "holds" on him (like immigration or parole.) Your boyfriend should be told by the Sheriff's the basis for why they are holding him in custody.

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