Boundary fence dispute. Can I improve my side of the fence that runs along a shared property line even though they put it up?

I have an acre in a rural subdivision. Neighbors on west side have EIGHT small dogs that bark constantly! There is a 6 foot wire fence on the property line between us. I puchased privacy netting and want to attach the netting to "my"side of the fence to block the dogs view and hopefully cut down on the noise. The dog owners have said that they OWN the fence and for me not to touch it or even go near it. Am I legally allowed to place the netting on my side of the fence that is on the boundary line off our property? They said that I have to build my whole brand new fence separate from theirs! Any help would be most appreciated.

Rio Frio, TX -

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Michael T Millar

Michael T Millar

Real Estate Attorney - Toms River, NJ

A fence is rarely exactly on the boundary line and is usually on the side of the line of the person who erected the fence. You would have no right to "improve" the fence located on your neighbor's property.

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