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Bought used car from dealership, however dealer didn't disclose that car has been repaired on majorly? they sell me a lemon car?

Belmont, CA |

Carmax is dealer- Carfax report doesn't show these major repairs documented...False advertising of car to consumer. Now 4 days later I get into an accident and big concern is if the car was totaled or been into an accident (any type) including self induced that possibly wasn't recorded on a carfax report? Did this dealer sell me a lemon car...Also my air bag warning icon light on the dashboard seems to may have not been properly inspected... Should airbags been deployed?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Retain a local lemon law lawyer to review this case for you. This is a nuanced and fact specific type of claim. You need the help of a local lawyer. Good luck.

  2. Get in touch with a lemon law lawyer to review the matter for you.

  3. As my colleagues indicate, consulting a Lemon Law attorney seems to be your best bet.

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