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Bought boat on consignment and after the first time on the lake the engine blew, they gave us false information what can I do?

Oakwood, OH |
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I asked them if it was winterized and they said yes every year, well it wasn't. Water froze and cracked the block to where its gonna cost 4500 to rebuild it. Do I have any rights here, they lied to me about it being serviced

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Not licensed to practice in OH, however, it would seem you do have a cause of action for misrepresentation. Your success is another story. If they produce records showing that it was cared for, you may not have a claim. Best to ask for repair records. Ask nicely, so as to not tip them off. Suggest that it is for continuity - take to the same mechanic, etc. IF they give you a hard time or do not deliver, then you may have a better case than not.

If you have further questions, speak with a maritime attorney in your area. These issues occur all the time in the maritime community!!!

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