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Bought a new car, the dealer inflated the trade in value. now I have to pay more sales tax. asked them to change ppw, they refus

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I just bought a new car in MO. The sticker price on the car was $51K, but was discounted $9K which make the final sale price $42K. I had a leased car that I traded in with the same dealer. The lease pay-off on the car was $27K, but the dealer paid me $26K for it. So I basically financed $43K.
When they did the ppw, they showed the trade in as $35K so that the net that I paid shows as about $15K. But when I went to register the car, the DMV said that I couldn't only pay sales tax on $15 because the leased car was never titled in my name. Therefore, I couldn't get a tax credit for it. So now they want me to pay taxes on $50K which was not what I paid. They told me to ask the dealer to change the ppw which he is refusing. what should I do? Can I force the dealer to change ppw?

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You need to read the fine print in the lease and then call the dealer

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