Blackmail - " Sign the child support order, or I will tell the judge you are a prostitute¨ Civil Lawsuit?

This Question is Posed for ACADEMIC purposes only. So, do not worry about malpractice or giving legal advice based on limited knowledge. John Q threatens woman who worked as an exotic dancer, that he will tell the Family Court Judge she crossed a line and sleeps with men for money. From an ACADEMIC perspective, lay it out and tell me as a lawyer what you would LOVE doing to a man who would do such a thing.

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Robert Daniel Kelly

Robert Daniel Kelly

Personal Injury Lawyer - Seattle, WA

extortion is a crime. If you have been a victim of a crime, you should call the police.

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Elizabeth Rankin Powell

Elizabeth Rankin Powell

Family Law Attorney - Tacoma, WA

But on the other hand, statements made to a judge are privledged. And frankly, any one can tell a judge any darned thing they want. The Judge has heard it before, I promise you. And the threat to promise to keep quiet in exchange for a reduced support obligation - unless John could PROVE that an exotic dancer was somehow a less capable parent (on the basis of her career) . . . and well. Good luck with THAT. WA courts believe that both parents should be out working at least 40 hours a week, and the child should be in care. I kid you not.

The only thing John would be demonstrating to the Court is that he has terrible judgment. I wouldn't have to do anything, I'd stand back and let the Court do its job.

Elizabeth Powell

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