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Birth certificate spelling error??

Olympia, WA |

Requested my birth certificate because I somehow misplaced mine when I was 18. I've always known my middle name to be Lyn (only one "n"). I literally remember it from before grade school, because I somehow remember an old neighbors name being Lynn and thinking I was pretty cool because, not only is my first name really unique, I've got a cool twist on a common middle name, making it unique! My drivers license and my social security card both have only one "n". The birth certificate I just received is spelled with two! I know for a fact that my mom spelled it with only one. Is it possible the hospital or the recorders office (San Diego) made a mistake when printing this one? Maybe they thought it had been misspelled on the original document?How will I know, what could happen & what do I do?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You may need to address this issue in Ca. courts since the birth certificate was issued from Ca.. It's always difficult to amend a birth certificate -- lots of hoops to jump through.

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  2. First, don't worry about it. It is perfectly legal to use any name you like, and to spell it any way you like, except to commit fraud. However, it makes sense to have a legal document stating that your name is spelled the way you spell it. Rather then trying to change your birth certificate, which can be a challenge, I suggest you go to the Thurston County District Court and obtain an order changing your name from Lynn, as indicated on your birth certificate, to Lyn. It is simple to do yourself and inexpensive.

    I have attached a link to the court's website about name changes.