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Birth certificate for green card interview

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I was born in China, and I am a naturalized US citizen. I filed i130 with my wife's i485 together to sponsor her green card. We received interview notice. The notice says I (us citizen) must bring birth certificate and passport , naturalization paper to enter the interview . I don't know what is is this foreign birth certificate for, but I still ordered from China . Today I got message from us post office, my package from china is lost. What I can do now? Is this really important ? My interview is in 7days, there is no time to reorder and receive in 6 days. Can I ask china emai me the scanned image and print it out to show immigration officer? Feel nervous . Thanks for any answer. God bless you!

When I file i130, the birth certificate is not must send required document from uscis instructions .

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    Both my esteemed colleagues provided you with excellent advice. Take it.

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  2. Show the officer that you tried to obtain your birth record and see if they will accept a copy. If you are really nervous you should consider hiring an attorney to go to the interview with you.

  3. You need to show proof that you are a US citizen. Since you are a naturalized citizen, you need to show either your US passport or Certificate of Naturalization. Your birth certificate is not required. Your wife, however, should have hers at the interview. Good luck!

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