Biological sister lives with our 89 years old very healthy, sharp, independent Father she abusing him financially-what can I do?

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3 yrs now sister living with completely ambulatory, of sharp mind and able bodied Dad in his home, Dad pays all bills, she pays nothing + he is giving her $. She has job, her own house & $, yet lives w/him due to emotional drama she has with her two daughters that are living in her home. I have caught her lying about what $ Dad spends on her behalf.
Not sure what to do. Any suggestions of an arbitration service for such "family" dispute? Do I have any rights to help my Dad even though he lies to me and my brother about what he does for her financially.

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    Answered . This is a tough position for you to be in. You say your dad is sharp and
    healthy for his age. Essentially, he doesn't really need your sister's
    "help", but is involved in this arrangement voluntarily. He is an adult and
    cannot be forced to do something he doesn't want to do.

    I am not aware of any "arbitration" service for families. You probably mean
    mediation, which is voluntary. It is doubtful that you could get his and
    your sister's agreement to mediate, or even get family counseling.

    Aside from somehow trying to wean them off of the current situation, your
    only other alternatives are bold steps:

    1. Adult Protective Services, generally provided by the county or
    other municipality and/or

    2. Bringing a proceeding in court to have a guardian appointed for

    I strongly doubt that either of those alternatives would be successful or
    wise to attempt. Based on what you say, the result likely would be that your
    father and sister would sever their relationships with you.


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    Answered . If you fsther is mentally competent, then he can spend his money as he wants to. If he wants to spend it on your sister, then it is his choice.

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    Answered . Hi, You can put your mind to ease as you have answered your own question without involving others and ruining your relationship with your father. You are blessed to have a father who is "completely ambulatory, of sharp mind and [is an] able bodied Dad." As such, there is by definition no abuse or exploitation occurring and you can avoid causing him unnecessary hassles and potentially alienating yourself from him by not causing the chaos an unwarranted report to a third party agency. If you are concerned about your Dad's choices, perhaps you should talk to him about your concerns. If after talking to him one on one you still have concerns, then and only then speak with his Pastor to see if he will go with you to talk to your Dad. Abide by your Dad’s Pastor’s decision. Be encouraged.

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    Answered . If you believe that financial abuse is occurring, you can contact Adult Protective Services in your area to report it. There are also a number of elder law attorneys who also provide mediation in matters such as the one you describe. Contact your local bar association for a referral.

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    Answered . It seems a stretch to characterize the situation as "abuse" as it seems at most to be possibly undue influence, but under the circumstances, he wants to do this, and absent coercion of some sort, he can spend his money on a daughter he apparently loves more than the money. Have a heart to heart with dad to share with him why you feel the way you do, and why he feels it is necessary to lie to you about his helping your sister. It may not be all his fault.

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