Biological father signed birth certificate, but parents were unmarried an have since split. Can mother move out of state?

Father acts as babysitter about 10 hours a week. He's emotionally unstable, on medication, and sees more than one therapist. Sometimes suicidal and says worrisome things. He hasn't sought legal rights. Can mother and child move out of state without his permission? Or is it necessary to prove he's an unfit parent?

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James R. Demmel

James R. Demmel

Family Law Attorney - New Cumberland, PA

Father needs to have notice of the proposed move and a chance to either agree or object. If the court orders that Mother be allowed to move out of state with the child, she can move without Father's agreement. The question for the court is not whether Father is unfit, but whether it's in the child's best interests to move out of state with Mother. It would probably be best for everyone involved if the parents made this decision without involving the court.

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Jake Kathleen Marcus

Jake Kathleen Marcus

Business Attorney - Jenkintown, PA

A custody order is still necessary to separate the child from the father. The court may grant permission to move the child out of state without a finding that father is unfit. The best course is always to try and negotiate an arrangement that works for the child and both parents.

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